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English, English Literature and HASS Tutor
Fiona is an organised, conscientious and reliable Teacher who is passionate about education and furthering the opportunities of our students.

Professional Skills

Primary School 85%
High School 80%
English 75%
English Literature 80%
HASS 78%
Politics 85%
Law 89%

Experience & Activities

Fiona has taught for four years in international schools and holds a Bachelor in International Politics. Fiona is patient and kind and thrives on presenting information in different forms to maximise the student’s learning.

Fiona asserts that the greatest fortune is to discover your vocation, and for her, that is the world of learning. With four years’ experience in teaching Academic English, History and Politics abroad, she is now pursuing her Masters of Education through Curtin University. It is Fiona’s belief that anyone can learn anything, so long as you find the right conduit, and prides herself in getting to know her students and thereby use their talents, experiences and interests to help them connect the dots. An avid reader, writer and passionate about a life of learning, Fiona seeks to transmit that enthusiasm to her students.