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Darren, Learning Disability Specialist Tutor

Maths Specialist Tutor

Professional Skills

Maths, Primary and High School 90%
Chemistry 80%
Physics 90%
Science 80%

Experience & Activities

Darren is our learning disability Specialist Tutor. He has a rich history of working in small groups and individually with high school students that struggle with literacy and numeracy. In addition, he has expertise in dyslexia and dyscalculia and seeks to understand why learning gaps occur and then systematically dismantle them and help the child reach their learning potential.

Previously Darren was a practising Machinist; he runs tutoring sessions for young people that want to successfully transition to TAFE of apprenticeships. These lessons focus on mastering foundation literacy and numeracy. His tutoring is based on real-world industry experience complemented by professional teaching experience demonstrated by nearly a decade as an Education Assistant.