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We are providing for free our “25 Multiple Choice Answer Strategies” document to anyone who requests a free copy.

Students will learn simple techniques they can use to maximise their chance of getting multiple choice questions right. It is all to do with how Multiple Choice questions are structured, and how they test certain levels of knowledge and understanding.

Strategies include:

  1. Eliminate answers in two rounds.
  2. Outliers are rarely right!
  3. Pay attention to these giveaway words in questions.
  4. The positive answer is almost always correct.

Albany Tutoring runs a two-hour masterclass on Test Strategies. Students work with an experienced high school teacher through guided  practice to achieve improvements in:

  1. Optimising responses to common question types.
  2. Understand the subject, verb structure of questionnaires and how it hints at the correct response.
  3. Answering and thinking techniques.
  4. Common errors, how to check work effectively.
  5. How to estimate the answer through percentages and ratios for Maths.
  6. Promote critical thinking in English and HASS subjects.

The Test Strategies Masterclass runs quarterly in Albany, Katanning and Karratha and is designed for students completing ATAR subjects, trying to pass OLNA or having significant test anxiety.

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