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Albany Tutoring

Albany Tutoring’s team and parents held a consultation process to determine our core values and mission statement that will guide our tutoring business into the long term.

The Process:

It was fantastic to consider what tenants we would hold as guiding principles for how Albany Tutoring will serve young people. We then rationalised this against what our parents and young people wanted to achieve from tutoring with us.

Mission Statement:

Helping young people reach their learning potential

All our Teachers strive to make each lesson come alive for the student and that the learning is concrete and can be recalled by the student in the days and weeks ahead. We focus on where the student is up to, not where the class is or where the learning plan is. We differentiate every session for each student we teach. This creates a genuinely independent learning environment.

Albany Tutoring recognises that many of our students come to us because the classroom teaching has not allowed them to reach their potential. We focus on building their confidence, celebrating their success and showing them how they can succeed in the subject. We will always teach to the WA School Curriculum and support classroom learning. Successful tutoring with us means that kids are re-energised, and their relationship to classroom teaching is invigorated.

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