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Albany Tutoring

Albany Tutoring has designed workshops to teach your child specific skills not in the school curriculum. We pride ourselves on tutoring skills that prepare students for a rapidly evolving and increasingly complex Australian society to make them job ready.

OLNA Intensive

Make sure you pass OLNA with this short course breaking down test techniques, common questions and answering techniques.

Gifted and Talented Intensive

For students looking to gain entrance to the State Schools highly competitive GATT program.

Creative Writing


Constructing Great Essays

In small groups students will wrestle with essay prompts and mini tasks to immerse themselves in the essay writing process. Supported by a Teacher with English teaching experience in the classroom the key aspects of essay development are covered. At the end of the session they have a completed “How to Write an Essay” mini booklet filled with instructions, activities and the confidence to ace their essays!

Agriculture and Environmental Science Workshops

An introduction to these industries by a local farmer supported by a teacher ensures catchy facts and activities are well taught and practised by the students.

Engineering Workshops

An introduction to these industries by a Civil Engineer supported by a teacher ensures catchy facts and activities are well taught and practised by the students.

Business and Finance Intensive Workshops

Students work through case studies to manage a fantasy business. Delving into marketing, advertising and bookkeeping this is a great course for budding entrepaurers and business owners!

Transition to High School

Students will become fully prepared for the challenges and opportunities of High School. We will cover goals, study habits, roles and responsibilities through a series of quick, interactive student-centred activities.

Transition to Senior High School

ATAR Intensive- Students will become confident and ready to start school with purpose and direction to take on the increased responsibilities and stresses of ATAR. The course covers ATAR requirements, study and note-taking methods, exam questioning guides, goal setting.

VET Intensive- Encourages and motivates students completing a general or VET pathway to seek excellence in Senior School as they transition to employment or TAFE studies. This masterclass focuses on goal setting, practical skills in the workplace, and emphasising job ready skills and attributes.

Science, experiments, tables, graphs and analysis

Breaking down the core learning attributes and skills of Science to ensure they can be Science literate.

Resume and Job Application Skills

A short course of building job ready skills for their first job. Student complete the two hour seminar with a LinkedIn profile and automatic job emails to their tailored Seek account.

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