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About Albany Tutoring

Helping young people reach their learning potential

Albany Tutoring provides high quality tuition from Year 1 to Year 12. Your child will be taught by qualified and practising teachers who have the tertiary training and experience to best work with your child to help them reach their learning potential.

Why Choose Us?

We have the most qualified tutors in Albany

We are the only tutoring centre in Albany staffed with qualified high teachers.

We offer weekly 1 hour private, online and group tutoring sessions.

Albany Tutoring provides private, small group (max of four students) and online tuition.

In addition to regular tutoring, we also provide masterclass sessions designed to teach real-world skills. 

We pride ourselves on being flexible to the student's needs and can produce a tailored tutoring solution.

Albany Tutoring provides each student with:

  • An individual learning success plan prepared by a qualified teacher.
  • All learning resources, laptop, study guides, test materials and targeted individualised homework if requested.

Our Core Values

We make a concerted effort to develop the thinking capacity of all our students so they can become critical, reflective and complex thinkers. We are delighted when our student’s wrestle with a complex idea, understand perspective, scientific and mathematical facts and form their opinion based on sound reasoning. We know when we are successful when students can justify their position with evidence and explanations.

All our Teachers strive to make each lesson come alive for the student and that the learning is concrete and can be recalled by the student in the days and weeks ahead. We focus on where the student is up to, not where the class is or where the learning plan is. We differentiate every session for each student we teach. This creates a genuinely independent learning environment.

Albany Tutoring recognises that many of our students come to us because the classroom teaching has not allowed them to reach their potential. We focus on building their confidence, celebrating their success and showing them how they can succeed in the subject. We will always teach to the WA School Curriculum and support classroom learning. Successful tutoring with us means that kids are re-energised, and their relationship to classroom teaching is invigorated.

Tutoring Times

Our Timetable

We are open from 2 pm to 9 pm Monday to Friday in the school term, for 1-hour tutoring sessions. We are available on weekends and school holidays by appointment.

Register your interest in tutoring later in the year or for potential small groups by clicking on the "contact us" tab.

Tutoring Timetable
3:30pm - 4:30pm
Year 4 Maths and English Groups
Year 11 ATAR Maths Groups
Year 10 Maths and English Groups
Year 10 Maths and English Groups
Year 7 Maths and English Groups
4:10pm - 5:10pm
Year 8 Maths Groups
Year 9 English Group
Year 6 Maths and English Groups
Year 7 English Groups
Year 9 Maths and English Groups
4:30pm - 5:30pm
Year 9 Maths and English Groups
Year 6 Maths and English Groups
Year 8 Maths and English Groups
Year 11 ATAR English and HASS Groups
Year 8 Maths and English Groups
5:10pm - 6:10pm
Year 10 Maths and Science Groups
Year 10 Maths and English Groups
Year 9 Maths and English Groups
Year 9 English Group
Year 9 English Group
5:30pm - 6:30pm
Year 10 English Groups
Year 12 ATAR English Groups
Year 11 Maths and Science Groups
Year 8 English Group
Year 11 ATAR Maths and English Groups
6:10pm - 7:10pm
Year 11 Maths and English Groups
Year 11 ATAR English and Hass Groups
Year 7-10 Maths Groups
Year 11 ATAR English Group
Year 10 Maths and English Groups
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Year 12 Maths Groups
Year 12 ATAR Maths and Science Groups
Year 10 Prep for ATAR Groups
Year 12 ATAR English Groups
Year 12 Economics and Geography Group
Please click on any of the active cells to book that session.

What People Say


Hi Craig, Yesterday my son received his STAT results. We are happy with them. He has got pass marks for both tests for UWA. He needed to get 140 for each part. Thanks a lot for your help!

Andrey F Xapyk
Parent of year 12 student 25/1/21

We engaged Craig in mid 2021 when we discovered our son was struggling in a low-level year 9 Maths class. Wanting better, and needing to move into an ATAR bound Maths class, we sorted Craig as our tutor. 2022, saw our son move straight into a Yr 10 ATAR level maths class.
Within five weeks, he has topped his class in the first assessment! My gratitude to Craig at ATAR Maths (part of Albany Tutoring) is unmeasurable. It’s hands down been the best money ever spent, and we will continue through our son’s remaining school years.

Candice Smith
Parent of a Year 9 and 10 maths student, 10/3/21

Thank you for all your help. Their grades are always improving, thanks to your help.

Elizabeth Mexsom
Parent of year 3 and 5 students for Maths and English, 13/12/21

Thomas mentioned he’s really enjoying his sessions and class work is really coming along as a result. We have been singing your praises 👍

Candice Smith
Parent of year 9 student for Maths 27/7/21

She is loving her time with you and it’s very worth while for her, Thank you so much.

Kathleen Mullally
Parent of year 10 English student, 1/8/21

Her confidence in writing has increased during the time of her tutoring.
She put in a lot of hard work writing a persuasive letter to her principal and writing a speech to present to her peers for school councillor.
The letter and speech would not have been as effective without her time and learning at Albany Tutoring.

Mark Robinson
Parent of year 6 English Student, 13/1/22

Our Son’s English marks improved dramatically for his last couple of assessments this semester. He still scored a d on his report due to prior low scores, but since he started with Fiona his whole attitude has changed (to all subjects) so hopefully if he keeps up the tutoring and extra effort he will be able to lift it to a C for his end of year grade.

Karen Petty
Parent of year 12 ATAR English student, 2/7/21

Feedback from him after his mock ATAR English exam today was that he felt relatively confident with the exam and that he was so glad he had done the tutoring with Fiona 😊👍

Karen Petty
Parent of year 12 ATAR English student 11/2021

Our son mentioned he’s really enjoying his sessions and class work is really coming along as a result 👍

Candice Smith
Parent of year 9 Maths student, 7/7/21

Our son got 68% in his math test! Such as improvement from 22%…Thanks so much for your help!

Chantal Fernado
Parent of two students that are taught Maths

Albany Tutoring… He’s an awesome teacher!

Tania Webb
Parent of Year 8 Science Student

My Daughter started working with Craig term one of this year as she was struggling in English, the improvement in her English work has been Amazing, going from getting 44% to up over 85% has been amazing. Her whole attitude towards School has improved. We recently just started tutoring for Maths also just to give her a boost. Craig and his team are amazing and always keep me updated.

Mandy Hanna
Year 8 English and Maths

Chloe rang me last night to tell me all about her tutoring session with you, she loved it! I have never heard her so excited about learning.

Kathleen Mullally
Parent of Year 10 English Student

Craig has been tutoring our daughter in mathematics since the beginning of term 1, 2021. In this time I have noticed our daughters confidence improve, even after her first session with Craig. Our daughters teacher has also noticed her confidence building. I can see that with each session her workings are improving and she is understanding better. Thank you Craig, your tutoring is making a huge difference for our daughter! I highly recommend Albany Tutoring 🙏

Elizabeth Mexsom
Facebook Review

My 8yr old son started with Albany Tutoring at the beginning of Term 1, he has gone from being depressed and not wanting to go to school to a happy confident and bright young man. For the first time, he is interested in learning and willing to give things a go! I couldn’t be more grateful 🙂

Jess Hart
Facebook Review

Craig is very professional and is passionate about helping students to reach their potential. Not only does he focus on developing a student’s understanding of individual subjects, he assists in creating sound study habits that can be applied across all areas of learning.

Debbie Edwards
Facebook Review

Our son got a goldie in Maths this week so he’s obviously trying now! Thanks

Chantal Fernado
Parent of two students that are taught Maths

He has really thrived since you have been teaching him.

Tania Webb
Parent of Year 8 Science Student

Thank you for the time and effort you have put into our son this year. We are very pleased with his extra effort and steady incline in his Maths and English grades. He passed both classes he was failing before your tutoring excellent work guys.

Natasha G
Parent of Year 10 student tutored in Maths and English

Being a great teacher is a rare talent and Craig definitely possesses it.
My son has been tutored by Craig for the last few months, and in particular maths.
My son has increased his grade percentage by nearly 20%!
Craig is thoughtful and attentive to my sons needs and understands that different people learn best through different methods of teaching.
I recommend Craig to anyone who is looking for a professional and experienced tutor.

Natasha Galos
Facebook Review

Craig was an excellent tutor. Friendly, helpful. Above and beyond. Knowledgeable and clearly an experienced teacher. We were really comfortable with Craig in our home and could recommend him for sure.

Kerryn Watts
Facebook Review

I worked closely with Craig in a teaching capacity where he demonstrated a high level of understanding in all aspects of science content and knowledge. a great team player and willing to go the extra mile for his students.
Keep up the good work mate.

Hayder Atti
Facebook Review

While starting my own tuition company and conducting research, I had the pleasure of speaking with Craig from Mandurah to South West High School Tutoring. Craig willingly shared a lot of useful information and offered his support. I was very impressed with his passion for education and his desire to continue to support his existing students by finding quality tutors to take over, as he relocates to Albany. It is clearly evident that Craig takes great pride in delivering quality education to every student he encounters.
My name is Victoria. I am a qualifed Teacher with my own local tuition company in the Perth metro area, Visionhunter Education;

Victoria Hunter
Facebook Review

Craig is punctual, professional and genuinely cares about your child’s progress. Thanks Craig.

Felicity Hicks Hargrave
Facebook Review
Our Services

We Provide The Best Service

All our tutoring services include the Teacher creating an individualised learning action plan. This steps out the child’s learning needs, strengths and opportunities for improvement and then details three to five actionable steps to achieve the student’s learning goal. Every term, we revisit the plan by consulting with the parents and child to ensure it remains relevant for the child’s continued growth.

Many kids thrive when working in groups, learning team and social skills, and the academic subject. Group tutoring is the best option when parents want top-up tutoring in a subject or the child is disengaged from learning. Our qualified teachers work in groups of up to 3 students and deliver a differentiated lesson to each child's ability.
1 hour tutoring in any subject taught in line with the classroom teacher and the WA Curriculum. We can even work with sibling combinations at the same time across years and subjects!
Tutoring is conducted in the comfort of your home. It is based on the learning programs we have implemented at several schools as the classroom teacher. Tutoring is through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom.
Albany Tutoring has designed workshops to teach your child specific skills not in the school curriculum. We pride ourselves on tutoring skills that prepare students for a rapidly evolving and increasingly complex Australian society to make them job ready.
Subjects & Levels

Our qualified and experienced Teachers are ready and looking forward to helping you in these subjects. We teach the WA Curriculum in a way to support the classroom learning.

These are complex subjects and often the least favourite, so it pays to work with our Teacher, who has taught and tutored it for several years. With our help, you’ve got this!

Scientific discovery is exciting and has driven our society forward in leaps in bounds.

This tutoring program focuses on answering complex scientific questions using mathematical evidence and clearly articulating student’s scientific knowledge.

From Hydrogen to the little known Ununoctium, we have Chemistry covered!

Aadavk to to Zooplanton and everything in between!

One of the most popular ATAR subject, and it’s easy to see why!

We aim to share the joy of writing and reading fluent text. Tutoring in this field focuses on different essay construction techniques, analysing themes and complex, varied texts. We teach the subject based on the learning materials in class and work towards successful exam techniques.

HASS drives students to consider society, where we come from and ultimately where we are going. We cover the fundamentals in line with the WA School Curriculum, while teaching essay construction, test techniques and apply literacy and numeracy.

Students are taught by our Teacher, who holds an Accounting degree and professional experience in Finance.

Source analysis, essay construction, academic content skills are delivered through exciting material rather than the dry wrote learning of dates and people’s names.

Tutoring focuses on the ability to develop critical thought and an appreciation of the legal system.

This subject is taught by a ex Environmental Scientist with professional experience in most aspects of this course.

Primary school tutoring is all about developing an interest in lifelong learning. Students learn the fundamentals of language, math, and how society and the wider world operates. Tutoring sessions are based on building confidence, mental growth, and establishing foundation skills.
Junior High School (7-10)
Our tutoring focuses on developing a growth mindset, getting a strong academic base and preparing the students for senior High School.
Senior High School (ATAR and General)
Now's the time to shine! In senior High School, students choose their learning pathway, and we are there to support their schooling in whatever way we can.
School Holiday Program
Every school holiday, we run a series of masterclass workshops for various student years and subjects. These cover core subjects, life skills and prepare them for the term ahead of their Senior School ATAR exams!
Our Tutors

We Have the Best Tutors

Our Tutors have worked for several years in Albany Schools and are experts at bringing out the natural curiosity in students through gentle inquiry with open questioning. We have taught our subjects in the classroom and provided tutoring of them for several years. Our Tutors use a diverse range of teaching techniques to make the lessons interesting, meaningful and fun!


Maths Specialist Tutor


Lead Teacher and Owner


Math and Primary Teacher
Join Albany Tutoring

Interested in becoming a Tutor?

If you are passionate about helping students to reach their learning goals and to help raise their confidence in their learning ability, we want to hear from you!

Albany Tutoring is currently looking for qualified and practicing Teachers and Education Assistants to help students from K to 12 through private (one on one), small group (max 3) and online tutoring.

Please send a covering letter detailing your teaching and tutoring experience, resume and copies of your tertiary qualifications to

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Our qualified and experienced Teachers are ready and looking forward to helping...

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Kathleen Mullally, parent of year 10 student for English,1/8/21

"Our daughter is loving her time with you and it's very worth...

Where are we?

We are very easy to find

Just a short 2.5km drive North-East from the five-way roundabout along the South Coast Highway is where you will find us. We are on the right inside of the Albany Business Centre.

We are located just north of Harvey Norman.

A mere 400 metres north of Harvey Norman Albany, and 700 metres north of Bunnings Albany. Click here to get full directions from Google or check the map below.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you!

Address: Studio 8, 222 Chesterpass Road, Milpara
Phone: 0400 119 614